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Unable to obtain ip address Please check DHCP server settings

Using the T2C product, enter the T2C's WiFi password on the Tesla screen and this prompt appears.


If your T2C is not using SIM card, but using iphone's hotspot/Bluetooth to provide network traffic, please check that

- Whether the iPhone has turned on the hotspot

- Whether the iPhone has connected to T2C Bluetooth

- Please update the firmware to the latest version first and then try again


If your T2C is using SIM card

- Please upgrade the firmware to 22122411.1508.1 and above, iPhone after connecting to T2C's WiFi, use Safari to access, turn off the BT modem option - off

- Please check if the SIM is providing network traffic properly and if it has any outstanding charges.


BT modem ON - Use Bluetooth/hotspot to provide traffic

BT modem OFF - Use SIM card to provide traffic

After modifying the options, you need to re-plug the product

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