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TBox plus upgrade method


Method 1, use TF card, connect the Automotive Head Unit to upgrade


1. Format the TF card to FAT32, copy the update package into the root directory of TF card

2. Insert the TF into the product, the system prompts whether to click update, click update.

3. Check the progress on the system, TBox plus will automatically enter the upgrade (upgrade time takes 5 minutes, do not randomly power off/unplug the box in the middle)

4. Wait to re-enter the TBox, the upgrade is successful.


Method 2, use TF card, connect the charger to upgrade


1, format the TF card to FAT32, copy the update file into the TF card

2, connect the TBox to the charger power supply, after the red light is always on, insert the TF card

3, about 10 minutes later, you can upgrade successfully

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