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CarlinKit 5.0/2air Upgrade method

Please upgrade the firmware to fix the recent issue with Android Auto not connecting.


for Android mobile phone

AutoKitool online upgrade:

Download AutoKitool, connect to 5.0 WiFi, and on the help page, detect the update.

Please keep your WiFi and power supply stable during the upgrade.

AutoKitool download:

Video Tutorial:


for iPhone

1. Search for the box WiFi (AutoKit_**) on your mobile phone and enter the password 12345678

2. After successful connection, visit in your own browser to enter the background

3. Click Help - Online Upgrade/Rollback

Video Tutorial:


USB flash drive upgrade

1. Prepare a USB flash drive not larger than 32GB, insert it into the computer, right click on the USB flash drive and format it to FAT32 format;

2, put the img format firmware into the U disk (firmware name can not be modified);

3, find a charger plug to power up the product, and then insert the U disk into the box's USB port to upgrade;;

4, upgrade the red and green lights flashing, do not power off, wait for the red light on or blue light on, then wait 3 minutes and unplug.

If the USB flash drive meets the size and format, but the signal light does not appear to be flashing, please replace it with a USB flash drive.

Firmware Download:  google drive

Video Tutorial:


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