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2air Android Auto can't connect wirelessly

 When you cannot connect to Android Auto, please follow the following tutorial in order:

1. Clear the Google Services cache
Text tutorial :Open Settings->Apps & notifications->Google Play services->Storage & Cache->Clear Storage
Video tutorial :

2、Clear Android Auto cache
Text tutorial:Open Phone Settings->Apps & Notifications->Android Auto->Storage & Cache->Clear Storage
Video tutorial:

3、Restore your box to factory settings
Text tutorial :Connect your phone to the box WiFi (password 12345678), after successful connection, open your phone browser, enter in the address bar, in Settings->Restore factory settings->Click to confirm
Video tutorial:

4、Upgrade Android Auto and google map in Google Store on your phone

5, restart the phone, ignore all Bluetooth in your phone

6, First use the data cable to connect the phone and the box into the wired Android Auto, connect successfully and then disconnect the data cable to reconnect the wireless Android Auto

7、If you still can't connect after trying the above operation, please check the resolution of your car stereo, if the resolution of your car stereo is 1920*720, then you need to modify the video output resolution of your mobile phone Android Auto.
Text tutorial:Open your phone settings - Connected devices - Connection preferences - Android Auto, click on the version 8 times in a row, click on the three dot symbol in the top right corner, then click on Developer settings and select Video resolution
Video tutorial:

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