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T-Box update

Historical Version

  • File size: 1.4GB

  • File size: 1.2GB

TBox upgrade steps


1. Format the TF card to FAT32, decompress the downloaded file and copy the "" file to the root directory of the TF card.


2. Insert the TF card into the product, the system will automatically remind whether to update, click update, the box will automatically enter the upgrade (Reminder: the upgrade time lasts five minutes, do not unplug the box in the middle)


3. After you see the product interface again, the system will automatically install the new application.



2022.11.03 update content

1、Optimize Connection About Peugeot Citroen

2、Fix the Android Auto Sound Problem 

3、Fix the problem of Sound Drop in Volkswagen Skoda

4、Add Position Memory Function to Floating Button

5、Fix the Problem of CarPlay

6、Fix the Problem of Disconnection for long time navigation in some cars

7、Fix the problem of Bad Screen calibration about Ford sync4 

8、Solve the problem of drop sound when playing igo

9、Optimize audio 

10、Fix the display problem of Ford bronco 2022

11、Fix the problem that the soft keyboard cannot be displayed in the input interface of Disney+, Spotify

12、Fix the sound lag problem about VW Touareg connection

13、Solve the problem of Chevrolet Tahone 2016 connection

14、Add 2-point touch function in some Ford models

15、Solve the problem that Brazilian postal card cannot access the internet

16、Solve the problem of Mitsubishi xpander 2022 

17、Solve the problem of voice crash problem when click automatically

18、Solve the display stretching problem of Ruihu 8

19、Add vertical screen adaptation to desktop

20、Solve the problem of erro Portuguese translation 

21、Solve the problem of "n" problem in navigation bar in the vertical screen time display