What is the Chinese name of Carlinkit?

The Chinese name of Carlinkit is CheLianyi, then we often put two names together, and called it Carlinkit车连易. Carlinkit车连易 is the product brand name of Huizhou Yunlian technology.

Huizhou Yunlian Technology Co.,Ltd. is an innovative company dedicated to the development of automotive interconnect products. We committed to the development, application and promotion of multi-screen interactive products.

The company has the most mature automotive mobile phone interconnection solutions at home and abroad. Based on the design concept of the car network smart car, we has "Carlinkit", "Carlinke", "AutoKit", "AutoCast", series products. Coverage is compatible with various protocols, including but not limited to "Carplay", "Android Auto", "Mirrorlink", "AirPlay", "Carlife", "Hicar".

If you are from China, please visit the domestic website. https://carlinkit.cn