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1.Information Registration

Mailing of products

2.Mailing of products

Inspection and repair

3.Inspection and repair

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4.Finish sending back

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After audit, you will receive an after-sales SMS with your mailing address, just mail the product to the changed address.

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How to confirm if the product needs to be sent for repair

Problems with the product may be related to the environment and usage, so we recommend that you contact CarlinKit Customer Service before sending it in for repair.

CarlinKit Customer Service will assist you with initial troubleshooting and processing to determine if the product needs to be sent in for repair.

You can contact CarlinKit Customer Service by submitting a question in the "Online Message" at the bottom of the CarlinKit website.

What is the process for self-service repair?

1. Information review. Fill in your product fault and contact information.

2. Send the product. After the audit, you will receive an after-sales SMS with the product's mailing address.

3. Inspection and repair. According to the test results, the non-human performance failure within the 1-year warranty period will be repaired or replaced for you free of charge, as appropriate; for non-human performance failure beyond the 1-year warranty period, the repair costs will be handled as incurred; for product failures caused by human factors, the repair will begin after you accept the offer and pay the cost.

4、Send back after repair. After the repair is completed, CarlinKit service center will send the repaired product or a new product back to you.

How long does it take to complete the repair?

After we receive your repaired product, we will complete it in about 14 business days. We will send you a text message after the repair is completed and shipped.

Do I have to pay for logistics?

If the product is under warranty and the test result is a non-man-made performance failure, CarlinKit will pay the round-trip, two-way logistics costs, which you do not have to pay.

If the product is a man-made non-product quality problem or the product is out of warranty, you only need to pay the one-way logistics cost (the cost of sending to the after-sales center).

How is the cost of repairs calculated and how is payment made?

Specific repair costs will be subject to your product test results, such as non-human performance failure within the warranty period, will be repaired or replaced for you free of charge, depending on the circumstances.


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