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After Sales Policy

First, Warranty definition

A warranty is the repair or replacement of a defective product or software upgrade to ensure the functional integrity of the product.
Warranty is a limited liability to repair product defects or replace defective products, and the service duration and content are in the scope of limited liability.
Customer equipment in the warranty period and warranty coverage of the product warranty free of charge.


Second, the current standard warranty content

Warranty and warranty expansion terms include.

1、Hardware: If the product is used under the conditions specified in the manual, and after the discharge of other influencing factors, the product failure caused by its own defects or abnormalities, the host (including modules), the warranty period of one year.

2、Software: I guarantee that the software is in line with the publicly released software function standards; software functions to the product sales standards shall prevail, does not exclude the newly added product features to take a fee to update.

3、Warranty extension terms.
Ⅰ, Free upgrade software available for customers to upgrade themselves.
Ⅱ, free of charge to provide a 1-year application software upgrade software for minor versions.
Ⅲ, commitment to provide warranty for the customer to send repair or send repair, fast processing within 15 days.
Ⅳ, accessories: product random accessories, information, but not limited to connecting cable, power cord, manuals, etc. are not included in the scope of the warranty.


Third, the warranty disclaimer

1、the warranty is limited liability for the product.

2、over there are two types: over the warranty period and non-warranty coverage.
Ⅰ, the warranty period refers to the expiration of the product warranty period, free warranty service automatically expires.
Ⅱ, non-warranty scope refers to the use of misconduct or fault caused by the free warranty service of the equipment automatically invalid.

3、The following cases belong to the non-warranty scope.
Ⅰ, the user is responsible for providing a valid warranty certificate, in the case of failure to produce a valid warranty certificate or product bar code damage is not warranty.
Ⅱ, no warranty certificate, the product shipment time as the starting time of the warranty, the warranty time promised by the non-Imperial warranty agency is invalid.
Ⅲ, warranty certificate in the product information recorded in the case of discrepancies or false records, the product will not be warranted.
Ⅳ, without our authorization and disassembly, repair, modification of the product caused by failure.
Ⅴ, by the purchaser is not normal transportation, handling, use, maintenance, storage and other reasons caused by failure. Such as: lightning strikes, over-voltage and over-current, water ingress, etc..
Ⅵ, failure due to irresistible forces.
Ⅶ, If the product is discontinued, the warranty and service support is limited to 3 years after the announcement of discontinuation.


Fourth, the warranty period is defined

Valid warranty vouchers.
Contains: 1, product warranty card 2, valid purchase invoice 3, product bar code 4, legal purchase and sale contract / packaging.
Ⅰ, product warranty card must contain: dealer name, product name, model, product number, date of purchase.
Ⅱ, valid purchase invoice: a formal commercial sales invoice with a tax stamp.
Ⅲ, product bar code: clear and complete, no signs of modification.

Warranty period calculation.
1、the beginning of the warranty period refers to.
Ⅰ, on the warranty card containing valid information at the time of purchase, marked with the date of purchase.
Ⅱ, verifiable date of purchase invoice.
Ⅲ, unable to provide the above valid warranty certificate, the product warranty time from the product bar code system query shipping time within 15 months from the warranty service.
Ⅳ, the warranty period indicated in the legal purchase and sale contract.

2、after repair or replacement of the product, quality assurance of three months; if the original warranty period remaining more than three months, the original warranty period shall prevail.
3、 in addition to the product bar code extrapolation warranty method, when multiple warranty certificates are valid at the same time, the warranty will be carried out in accordance with the certificate most conducive to the interests of the customer.

Fifth, Out of box failure (DOA, Dead On Arrival)


Out-of-the-box failure: equipment maintenance is not activated, no cosmetic damage and the first time the power does not work properly or within 30 days of power operation failure, can DOA for a new.

Sixth, Other

If your product is eligible for out-of-warranty repair, a fee-based repair service is available. Parts or accessories replaced after out-of-warranty repair are covered by a 90-day limited warranty.