Product introduction of carlinkit ai box adapter

Carlinkit's new product ai box adapter launched in 2021 is suitable for Carplay to Android system.
Carlinkit Tbox adapter
The Carlinkit ai box adapter upgrade Android system on the original screen, equipped with 4GB + 64GB large memory, Qualcomm snapdragon 8-core processor, built-in GPS and 4G all Netcom module, stable operation and pleasant experience.
Carlinkit Tbox adapter
Carlinkit's ai box, plug and play. We only need to plug in the USB port of the original car to upgrade to Android system, which is convenient and fast.

Carlinkit Tbox adapter

The Carlinkit ai box adapter is equipped with 4GB + 64GB of large memory, including 4GB of running memory and 64GB of body flash memory. The overall memory space is large. You don't have to worry about the memory capacity of the product when using it.

In terms of operation, the Carlinkit ai box adapter adopts Qualcomm snapdragon 8-core processor and built-in 4G all Netcom module. As long as you plug in the sub card, you can connect to the Internet at high speed, or use the mobile hotspot for WiFi networking.

Listen to music, watch videos, and navigate online. From then on, you can enjoy yourself and run stably.