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Historical Version

  • File size: 1.5GB

This page firmware, only for 668 version of TBox plus.

Please make sure to check your TBox plus version before downloading the firmware upgrade.


Don't choose the wrong firmware!


Check the product version by the following methods.

TBox plus software desktop - Settings - Check Autokit TBox plus version number




Steps to upgrade TBox plus.

1, Unzip this firmware file and copy the "" file to the root directory of the micro SD.

2,, This file does not need to be Unzip..

3, Insert the micro SD into the product, the system will automatically prompt whether to update, click update, the box will automatically enter the upgrade state (warm tips: the upgrade time lasts 5 minutes, do not unplug the box in the middle);.

4, After the upgrade is complete, the product will reboot


2023-05-22 Update Log

* Update youtube
* Add support for allowing application notification switch in factory profile
* Optimize audio logic
* Optimize the connection for Buick Grand Prix
* Solve the problem of starting Google voice causing original car sound
* Repair the problem that wifi prompts that the network is not available but actually works
* Repair the problem of playing sound in some apps
* Repair the connection problem of Hyundai Aria, Ford full screen problem and optimize the link
* Repair the problem that there is no sound when retired to the background and turned into picture-in-picture mode when playing in Aiki.
* Reorganize settings app Ui structure
* Remove the day and night mode of settings, and use it only for positive direction.
* Solve the problem of multi-tasking when hover ball split screen is not available
* Solve the sound problem caused by the wakeup-free function of some navigation apps
* Solve the problem that Netflix is not full screen when vertical screen is split up and down
* Add Hebrew language support to settings
* Optimize the hdmi testing process
* Solve the location voice bug
* Optimize gps signal
* Solve the problem of Android Auto playing navigation sound
* Optimize apk installer experience
* Solve ford ranger model problems
* Solve the problem of Desai host connection
* Optimize the problem of loading Gaode map in the navigation pendant
* Fix the problem of long press status bar error report
* Fix wifi mac address
* Repair the problem of shahid apk not working
* Repair the problem of vertical screen time more n
* Repair the problem of incomplete display of BYD
* Add support for Fordranger host to display music information
* Fix the problem of touch offset of Vietnam map
* Shield dark color mode
* Repair the black screen problem of starting navigation pendant of Gaode map
* Repair the problem of no phone app in the domestic version of the software
* Optimize android auto connection
* Update Naive to the latest version
* Repair the black screen problem of Vietnam map S2 split screen
* Repair the problem of incomplete display of Ford f150
* Fix the problem that some machines can not be burned
* Repair the problem that Bluetooth keeps prompting when there is no address book contact.
* Repair the problem of incomplete display of IGO
* Repair the problem that Vietnam map S1 cannot be used
* Fix the problem that the native Bluetooth cannot be matched by left and right direction keys.


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