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T-Box-AR- update

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  • File size: 1.5GB

T-Box-AR upgrade steps:

1. Format the TF card to FAT32, decompress the downloaded file and copy the "" file to the root directory of the TF card.

2. Insert the TF card into the product, the system will automatically remind whether to update, click update, the box will automatically enter the upgrade (Reminder: the upgrade time lasts five minutes, do not unplug the box in the middle)

3. After you see the product interface again, the system will automatically install the new application.


2023.02.16 Upgrade log

1、Fix the Bluetooth jamming problem
2、Add auto does not support the resolution tips
3、Add wireless hotspot without password prompt box
4、solve the native Bluetooth can not use the left and right arrow keys to adapt the problem
5、Fix KENWOOD host quick click back icon black screen problem
6、Add in the original car settings, the directional keys left and right into up and down
7、Fix the problem of red flag connection can not be
8、Bluetooth factory configuration to add Vietnamese language support
9、Optimize the connection with the original car
10、Fix Yilian apk bug
11、Solve the Toyota Elfa reverse black screen problem
12、Optimize Bluetooth number query
13、Fix the problem of BYD can not connect
14、Solve part of the video application no sound problem
15、Fix the factory configuration in the export, there is a flashback problem
16、Optimize the Volvo and Audi S3 connection problem
17、Fix the problem of probable failure to start using a period of time
18、Optimize the factory settings interface
19、Optimize the connection of Ruihu 8
20、Default media use 44K play
21、Fix Ford sync4 two resolution switching restart problem
22、Factory settings to add Bluetooth recording capture function
23、Optimize the original car gps

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