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Do not support Android 11 to upgrade Android 12, only support Android 12 to upgrade Android 13.

Download the Android 13 firmware, and put it to microSD card, insert to Tbox Plus and plug into automotive head unit, and upgrade to Android 13 on car screen, follow these steps: FOTA Upgrade -Setting-Local Upgrade-USB Disk-click the Tbox Plus zip file.


Video Tutorial:

Android version & 138 Version view

Settings - Version - Autokit-TBox  Plus Version - X9-SC138-8 A13 2023-04-12 17:51



2023.08.25 - 10.19 Upgrade Log

1、Compatible with CCTV video
2、Fix the bluetooth remote control can not click the navigation plug-in bug
3、Wifi and hotspot support open at the same time
4、Fix 169 BYD and 144 ford ncm lagging
5、Fix the abnormal problem of signal light after starting the box.
6、Fix the bluetooth phone, the first connection is not synchronised.
7.Add Italian language support to settings
8、Fix Ford and Toyota individual models can not be connected
9、Fix vertical screen multitasking and split-screen rotation abnormality.
10、Fix the problem that the screen time is displayed incorrectly after Toyota is connected.
11、Solve the bug that Bluetooth mouse can not click the link on the browser.
12、Solve speedplay judge wifi ap config permission failure lead to speedplay crash bug
13, LTE lost restart, configuration default no 2G
14、Switching Android auto channel signal light abnormality
15、Fix Cadillac no sound
16、Repair open hotspot actual occasional trigger lead to slow box connection
17、Support IGO series map full screen
18, Repair style 2 main interface collection application can not be clicked
19、Fix the device name is not correct
20、Increase the function of heterodyne display
21、Solve the third-party main interface can not start
22、Navigation pendant supports Baidu map
23, default off the app's picture-in-picture permissions, to avoid Google Maps navigation system abnormalities
24、Solve the invalid message notification whitelist
25、Shield long press pop-up restart dialogue box
26、Solve Ford zoom in and out
27、Solve the modern custin connection is not on
28, add youtube full screen playback forced return


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