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Sales/Channel/Commercial Specialist

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job duties.

1.Responsible for the pre-project market research and analysis work and in-depth understanding of the market.

2.Dig deep into user needs and complete product planning independently according to the company's product strategy.

3.Evaluate the costing of project products according to customer requirements, prepare and submit evaluation reports.

4.Maintain good communication with customers, grasp customer needs in real time, and dock with company personnel regularly.

5.Develop new marketing and sales channels and new customers


Job requirements.

1, e-commerce, international trade, business English, marketing and other related majors; able to communicate with customers independently online and offline;

2, 1 year and above foreign trade experience.

3, more than 1 year of experience in electronic products is preferred;

4、Strong learning ability and sense of responsibility.


Working hours: small and large work week, 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:30

Salary: no responsibility base salary (4000-8000) + commission + performance bonus + year-end double pay + year-end bonus + paid annual leave

Passionate, willing to pay, monthly salary easily over 10,000!

Benefits: five insurance; enjoy the national holidays, holiday gifts! Provide birthday benefits for employees, so that you feel at home in another country!


Enjoy a variety of stage rewards, constantly harvesting surprises.

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