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Tmall Jingdong Operation

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Our job responsibilities.

1、Responsible for the overall planning, marketing, promotion, customer relationship management and other systematic operational work of the company's online stores opened in Jingdong Tmall and other platforms, and responsible for the overall sales of the store;.

2、Responsible for the daily operation and management of the store's daily revision planning, commodity shelves, promotion, sales, after-sales service and other daily operations.

3, responsible for the collection of market and industry information, product analysis, the development of store explosion, the main push models.

4、Research the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and dynamics, according to the collected product information and research, estimate the production quantity of goods, and develop a corresponding sales plan to improve the product turnover rate.

5、Optimize store and commodity ranking, propose application solutions, improve in-store traffic, improve click-through rate and browse, conversion rate.

6, optimize product keywords, inventory and product lines, and adjust the store's business direction according to the actual situation.

7, familiar with Jingdong, Tmall and other platforms, fast cars, accurate pass, etc., Jingdong station promotion tools, according to the store situation to develop a promotion cost budget, monitoring and analysis of data, regular tracking and evaluation for the promotion effect, and submit statistical analysis of the promotion effect report, timely marketing improvement measures, and give practical improvement plan;.

8、Independent operation of store display and guidance of artwork decoration to enhance store attractiveness and product sales.

9, effective coordination of graphic design, promotion, customer service and other personnel to successfully and efficiently complete the above work.


We hope that you.

1, have Taobao, Tmall, Jingdong, Alibaba and other platforms more than one year of operational experience.

2、College degree or above, graduated from e-commerce and other related majors.

3、Experience in developing customers independently and in the electronics industry is preferred.

4、Strong learning ability and sense of responsibility.


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