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Foreign trade salesman

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job duties.

1, through google, e-maIl, Facebook, youtube, WhatsApp, Twitter, self media and other ways to develop customers, get inquiries and orders;

2、Responsible for Alibaba International Station product release and promotion, inquiry follow-up until the completion of sales;

3、Negotiate and sign foreign trade orders; be able to handle business independently and complete business targets;

4, maintain good communication with customers to ensure the smooth completion of orders, and develop new customers with the help of industry platforms;

5, follow up to participate in the company's major exhibition companies, and follow up with follow-up customers.


Job qualifications.

1、1-2 years of experience in operating Alibaba platform and other B2B platforms;

2, able to communicate with foreign customers in writing, oral communication, proficient in computer operation;

3、International trade, business English, marketing and other related majors;

4、Be able to bear hardships and work hard, have strong anti-stress ability, good at challenging work;

5、College degree or above, English level 4 (or above).


Promotion criteria.

Foreign trade salesman - foreign trade team leader - foreign trade director - foreign trade manager - company partner


Our working hours: small and large work week, 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:30

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