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What we do.

The company focuses on the development and sales of carplay, a connected car product.


Our job responsibilities.

1、 Independent management of the operation of the speed sell store, a clear understanding of all the policies and rules of speed sell.

2, responsible for new product releases, keyword optimization, promotion, improve listing exposure, sales status tracking analysis.

3, grasp the market dynamics, do a good job of product market research, pay close attention to the platform activities, combined with all aspects of resources, to develop a reasonable promotion and marketing plan.

4、Responsible for speed selling account sales, customer service work, properly solve all kinds of customer complaints and disputes, improve the account praise rate and creditworthiness, maintain account health and safety.

5 、Responsible for professional corresponding language keyword and title research; observe sales ranking, copywriting, pictures and other details, the single product in the direction of the extreme.

6 、Study competitors' promotion programs, analyze and mine data, collect market and industry information, and provide effective countermeasures.


We hope that you.

1, English level 4 or 6, international trade, English, e-commerce and other related majors.

2、More than one year experience in speed selling operation is preferred.

3、Strong learning ability and sense of responsibility.


Our salary package.

Base salary 4500-5500. plus commission, to hand salary: 5000-10000


Our working hours.

Working hours: 9:00 - 12:00 13:30 - 18:30 small and large workweek system


Our advantages.

Entry with professional training, old with new one-on-one teaching, own R & D, own factory, self-production, strong product supply support and after-sales technology.


Our scale.

The boss is young and humorous, the average age of the company is after 90, more than 80 employees are currently in service.


Our team.

Yunlian Technology was founded in 2014, located in Huizhou, Guangdong. The company focuses on the development and sales of carplay, a connected product, and has multiple sales platform stores: foreign trade platform stores (Speed sell, Amazon, international station, global resources, B2B self-built site, Shopify self-built site B2C, ebay, each platform has 2-4 stores each), domestic platform stores (Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Jindo, Alibaba, each platform Each has 2-4 stores), and more than 30 operations, currently in this category, our company belongs to the industry's top business, because of the depth of the layout of cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce whole industry chain, now need to expand the recruitment of e-commerce customer service more than. If you are a capable and hard-working people, here will create a platform for you to belong to you, performance you can build! Salary must be in place!

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