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Administrative front desk clerk

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job duties.
1、Timely and accurately answer/transfer the phone, if necessary, record the message and promptly convey.
2、Reception of visitors and timely and accurate notification of the interviewee.
3、Responsible for the receipt and dispatch of express mail, responsible for the company's business personnel exhibition hotel booking, etc..
4、Responsible for the company area, greenery and other environmental maintenance, to ensure the safety and normal operation of equipment (including photocopiers, air conditioning and card punching machines, etc.).
5、Assisting the company's employees in copying, scanning and other work.
6、Management of the company's fixed assets.
7, office supplies procurement, registration, receipt and other management.
8, leadership reimbursement, invoice processing.
9, afternoon tea purchase, company holiday benefits arrangements, distribution.
10、Complete other work assigned by the supervisor

Job qualifications.
1、Good image, good temperament, age 18-24 years old.

2、College degree or above, 1 year of relevant work experience, secretarial, administrative and other related majors are preferred.
3、Strong service consciousness, proficient in using computer office software.
4、Good coordination skills, communication skills, responsible, lively and cheerful, with affinity.
5、Putonghua accurate and fluent.
6、Possess certain knowledge of business etiquette.

Working hours: 9:00am-12:00pm; 13:15pm-18:00pm

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