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After-sales technical support

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What we do.

The company focuses on the development and sales of carplay, a connected car product. The company's official website:


Our job responsibilities.

1、Manage and maintain the company's existing software.

2、Test new version of software, confirm reliability, collect and report software problems.

3、Analyze, record and organize the problems from sales and customer feedback

4、Follow up the progress of engineer processing, server software update management

5、Organize after-sales information to facilitate sales processing of after-sales issues, training new sales staff product expertise.

6、Company network, monitoring, computer maintenance


We hope that you.

1, electronic information, computer, communications, mechanical design and manufacturing, automation and other related majors, college degree or above.

2、Experience in project management, computer and other areas is preferred.

3、Strong ability to analyze problems logically, and have the sensitivity to system defects; strong planning and organizational execution ability, frustration and stress resistance, good teamwork spirit.

4、Proactive, serious and responsible, rigorous and meticulous.


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