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Assistant to General Manager (Accept freshers/interns)

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

This position is recruiting business English general undergraduate graduates / interns, cross-border e-commerce department study → domestic e-commerce department study → general manager assistant



1, undergraduate interns / freshmen, major.

2, strong communication skills and active thinking logic.

3, school experience in participating in student unions and clubs is preferred.


Working hours.

9:00-18:00 small and large week off rotation


Holiday employee benefits, open internship certificate, a dedicated person with a


Job duties.

1, under the leadership of the general manager is responsible for the overall work of the office, and strive to be a good assistant to the general manager's staff, to play the role of the top and bottom, to achieve a full range of services.

2, under the arrangement of the general manager, drafting, modifying, reviewing the company needs the approval of the general manager of the contract, agreement, etc., and within the delegated authority to deal with related matters.

3、Responsible for the preparation of the company's internal and external documents, promotional materials, PPT and other official documents required by the general manager

4、Responsible for following up the company's large customers and doing a good job of management and maintenance.

5、Responsible for the arrangement, implementation, inspection, supervision and implementation of the implementation of the specific management of the enterprise.

6、Responsible for the internal and external correspondence of the enterprise, responsible for the classification and submission of various documents, ask the general manager to read and approve and transfer to the relevant departments for processing.

7, investigation and research, understanding the company's business management and put forward processing advice or recommendations for the general manager's decision.

8, do a good job of the organization of the relevant meetings of the General Manager's Office and meeting minutes, do a good job of resolutions, decisions and other documents drafted and released.

9, responsible for the company's personnel and external contacts of various information resource management.

10、Responsible for the reception and visit of the company and government agencies, company leaders, customers, etc..

11、Responsible for other work arranged by the general manager.

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