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Customs Officer

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Number of Positions:


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City of work:

Job duties.

1. responsible for the development and operation of daily online and offline shipping programs.

2. maintain the company's existing logistics company cooperation and develop new logistics company channels.

3. All goods from the order, shipping and goods to the destination, tracking the status of goods in transit, timely update the progress of departure/arrival/clearance/shelf, follow up the situation of each ticket to ensure the smooth flow of the whole process

4.Material control management, familiar with the production cycle and transportation cycle of all products, monitoring the security of early warning inventory, according to the sales volume of transportation and off-peak season and other factors to give sales corresponding replenishment guidance.

5、Responsible for overseas warehouse, FBA headway shipping, including express, air, rail and sea channels.

6、Introduce new channels and overseas warehouses according to sales demand to improve timeliness and reduce logistics costs.


Job requirements

1.Familiar with the shipping process of various channels, and do a good job in handling the daily shipping business of FBA headway logistics routes.

2. timely docking with the sales department and warehouse company replenishment plan.

3. Solve the sales department's logistics channel problems, including channel selection, logistics provider quotation, the advantages and disadvantages of each channel, and develop suitable and stable logistics providers for the company's screening.

4. Docking with freight forwarders, tracking the audit and production of export documents for transportation business and customs clearance, commodity inspection and seamless customs clearance.

5. track the transportation status of goods, and do a good job of timely handling of cargo abnormalities or loss of goods claims.

6. responsible for logistics freight bill reconciliation, summary, and each issue of the bill to organize and file as well as other work accounted for by superiors.

7. Have some English foundation, proficient in Excel and other Office software.

8.College degree or above, more than 1 year of cross-border e-commerce logistics work experience is preferred (non-essential).

9.Personal ability: good logical thinking and understanding, with good learning, communication, coordination and adaptability.

10. Honest, reliable, responsible, conscientious, responsible, careful and strong teamwork spirit.

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