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Finance Manager

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Required Experience:


City of work:

Job responsibilities.

1, establish and improve the enterprise financial management system, the daily management of the financial department, financial budget, capital operations and other work to carry out overall control, improve the level of corporate financial management.
2、Responsible for the establishment of financial analysis models, the preparation of company financial analysis and operational analysis reports, to provide accurate management decision-making data and decision-making advice.
3、Responsible for the company's fund allocation, cost accounting, capital, asset management, accounting and analysis work.
4、Responsible for the profit decomposition of each channel and product line planning, assisting in the completion of cost control and profit targets, and assisting in the management optimization of channels and product lines.
5、Issue financial statements, and financial analysis reports.
6、With rich experience in financial management, capital planning, tax arrangement and working capital management and the ability to control the flow of corporate funds.
7、Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.


1、College degree or above, majoring in financial management, accounting-related majors; passing CPA (or some subjects) exams, with intermediate titles.
2、Full financial operation of foreign trade and e-commerce enterprises, more than 3 years working experience as financial manager, with good financial analysis ability.
3, proficient in the analysis and preparation of financial statements, familiar with financial planning, budgeting, auditing, and familiar with all accounting practices.
4, familiar with national accounting standards and related financial, tax and audit regulations and policies; familiar with the financial accounting process.
5、Good communication and interpersonal skills, learning and adapting ability, overall planning, organizational coordination and pressure-bearing ability.
6、Be able to complete the information required by the superior company in a timely manner, etc.

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