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Job responsibilities
1, global planning, develop sales business promotion strategy, set up and lead the team to achieve sales targets effectively identify key customer decision makers, and establish a good relationship with them to promote the achievement of business goals.
2、 Coordinate all the sub-projects of the project team, follow up and promote the sales process of the responsible projects, assist the implementation of project managers, product and R&D teams to achieve high quality project delivery, and continuously improve customer satisfaction, while being able to identify potential business opportunities and conversion.
3、Continue to optimize the sales process, build the sales system, focus on the personal growth of team members, and achieve the overall sales goals of the team.

1、Undergraduate degree or above, with good English ability, excellent English listening and speaking is preferred; 8-12 years of business development experience in consumer goods and retail industry, with deep understanding of large enterprise services and excellent professional ability.
2、 Understand the brand and channel marketing operation process of large customers, familiar with the organizational structure and purchasing decision chain of large brand customers or retailers.
3、 Strong business negotiation and customer relationship management skills, with retail industry resources is preferred; with enterprise customer sales team management experience, able to coordinate and manage the sales team, docking project and product team, and promote business objectives.

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