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Required Experience:


City of work:

Job duties.

1、 Daily update of sales reports, statistical analysis of data (weekly, monthly, quarterly analysis)
2, according to the company's actual business in the K3 system on the new entry of documents and the implementation of the operation.
3、 Responsible for product quotation, order, contract signing, back to follow up the shipment, etc..
4、 Follow up on customer collections and reimbursements and other matters.
5、 Maintain good communication with customers, sales clerks, and various departments of the company to ensure the smooth flow of business work.
6, sales contract records, production, audit, archiving with management.

Job requirements.
1, more than one year of work experience in order processing, business, customer service, etc..
2, skilled use of office software, ERP system.
3、Familiar with the workflow of order followers and understand the relevant supply market.
4, cheerful personality, strong sense of responsibility, quick-witted and flexible, conscientious and careful, with strong communication and coordination skills.
5, with a strong sense of service and teamwork, able to adapt to certain work pressure.

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