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Commercial Manager (Management)

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job Responsibilities.
1、Staring at the progress, grasp the results, responsible for the responsibility of the sales end of the project process monitoring, progress follow-up and risk warning, can be resolved in a timely manner, for the problems can not be resolved in a timely manner reported and organized to solve.
2、Responsible for sales data collection, statistics, analysis, and implementation of regular weekly reports, timely organization of regular sales meetings on the progress of abnormalities, data abnormalities, customer complaints, etc. for coordination and resolution.
3、Responsible for the market research and competitor analysis of the sales end, in coordination with the responsible persons to implement the responsibility of the sales end of the product price system combing, formulation, review and maintenance, the implementation of the pricing control supervision work.
4, responsible for the responsibility of the sales end of the CRM data collection into the database and data management and maintenance, and to assist the relevant sales leaders and colleagues to develop and maintain large customers and key customers, the implementation of the project bid preparation work and bidding project progress promotion work; when necessary, personally on the battlefield force top sales.
5、Responsible for the work of the sales end to carry out the relevant process of sorting out and drafting, submission confirmation, and strict supervision of the implementation of the process implementation.
6、Responsible for the responsibility of sales end of the sold product asset risk and after-sales feedback of the overall control and risk reminder, for the problems that can not be solved in a timely manner reported and organized to solve.
7、Strictly supervise and control the reasonableness of sales expenses and input-output effect of the responsible sales end.
8、Supervise and assist the responsible sales end in team building and personnel relationship management to create an energetic and result-oriented sales work atmosphere.


1、Bachelor degree or above, with experience in sales of medical software to hospitals and hospital channels, business management experience or sales management experience is preferred.
2、Good communication and negotiation skills, teamwork ability, motivated and strong learning ability.
3, high emotional intelligence, drive, strong enough, sensitive to the market and data, dare to play blackface, dare to chase results, dare to go to war.
4, the demand for this position is not a sales assistant class of business people, to stare at the business stare at the progress of professional sales project control personnel to find problems and solve problems, must have professional project management skills and risk control capabilities and problem solving capabilities.
5, able to accept and adapt to the work needs of travel.

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