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Job Description
Business cooperation channel cooperation merchants to develop e-commerce

I. Job content
1、Communicate with customers on behalf of the company's needs, and collate project demand information to complete the docking with planning.
2、According to the project demand and program content and producer docking to complete the project costing, and develop the project quotation form.
3、Commercial communication with clients and contract signing work.
4、Control the project process and effectively control the feedback from clients.
5、Coordinate and solve the problems encountered in the process of project implementation.
6、Responsible for customer data summary, project data summary, report writing and other work.
7, actively explore customer needs, and communicate and coordinate with other departments.
8, the customer industry market information mining and analysis, and the next project to the customer optimization recommendations.

Second, the job requirements
1、Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years of project manager or account manager work experience in film and television industry, with successful cases and services for large enterprises is preferred.
2, with outstanding negotiation skills and high negotiation ability.
3、Excellent teamwork ability, with strong anti-stress ability, willing to develop in the film and television advertising industry.
4、Possessing debating experience is preferred.

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