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Required Experience:


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Job Responsibilities
1. decompose business development guidelines, market and customer information collection, analysis and collation, promote professional services, explore potential new customers and develop new project business,.
2. responsible for new project development required for resource entry, service quotation, bid preparation, communication and negotiation, contract terms and conditions and its signing, collection follow-up and other commercial work.
3. maintain good customer relationship, responsible for related visits, reception and other work.
4. research and analyze market conditions, track industry development trends, competitor dynamics and relevant government regulations; collect and organize industry information in a timely manner, and develop effective market reports and work proposals.
5. cooperate with other work arranged by the company.

Job requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, 3 years working experience, majoring in marketing, design, business English, hotel management and other related majors; experience in business marketing positions in architecture, landscape, interior, soft furnishing and other design industries is preferred.
2. good expression skills in English and Chinese, familiar with business documents and strong copywriting organization skills.
3. excellent market development, business docking and communication negotiation skills.
4. strong result-oriented spirit, excellent time management skills.
5. good image quality, strong sense of responsibility, good teamwork spirit.
6. able to work under certain pressure and accept short-term travel.

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