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Shopee operations

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the sales, management and maintenance of the company shopee account;

2.Develop the market through shopee platform, handle shopee store orders, product shelf editing and account maintenance;

3. Responsible for the operation and management of shopee platform, timely development and adjustment of sales promotion strategies;

4. Collect and analyze market conditions and competitors' conditions, and conduct analysis and summary;

5.Sales report and new product data analysis, new product sales tracking, analysis, reporting, timely reporting of sales problems, and give feasible suggestions.


Job qualifications

1.Positive and serious working attitude

2.One to two years of experience in shopee, skilled in operating shopee platform, understand the rules and policies of shopeea store

3. Have certain promotion skills, understand the social platform sharing site promotion

4. Good communication skills, can independently solve various customer problems, including consultation, after-sales, handling complaints, etc.


【Working hours



【Treatment and development

1. Salary: base salary + performance commission + year-end bonus

2. Development direction: operations specialist - operations team leader - operations director

3. Occasional dinner benefits and subsidies benefits

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