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Amazon operations (cross-border e-commerce)

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

Job duties.

1, independent management and operation of Amazon stores, a clear understanding of all Amazon policies and rules.

2, responsible for new product releases, keyword optimization, promotion, improve listing exposure, sales status tracking analysis.

3, master the market dynamics, do a good job of product market research, pay close attention to the platform activities, combined with all aspects of resources, to develop a reasonable promotion and marketing plan.

4、Responsible for Amazon account sales, customer service work, properly resolve a variety of customer complaints and disputes, improve the account rating and creditworthiness, maintain account health and safety.

5 、Responsible for professional corresponding language keyword and title research; observe sales ranking, copywriting, pictures and other details, the single product in the direction of the extreme.

6 、Study competitors' promotion programs, analyze and mine data, collect market and industry information, and provide effective countermeasures.



1, college English level 4 or 6, international trade, English, e-commerce and other related majors.

2、At least one year of experience in Amazon operation (European station or Japanese station) is preferred.

3、Strong learning ability and sense of responsibility.


Our advantages: onboarding both professional training, old with new one-on-one teaching, own R & D, own factory, self-production, strong supply support, product quality delivery guaranteed


Salary package.

Base salary + total sales commission + performance bonus + year-end bonus stickers + additional incentives + paid annual leave + quarterly outstanding staff awards + reunion fund + double pay at the end of the year


Our working hours: small and large work week, 9:00-12:00 13:30-18:00



1、Small benefits on birthday.

2、Free coffee in the office; snacks, fruit in abundance

3、Year-end bonus + dividends.

4、1-2 times a year domestic or foreign travel opportunities.

5, hard work, you have the right to quarterly raises 1000-2000.

6, social security, paid holidays (annual leave, wedding leave, maternity leave), paid rest on national holidays.

7, monthly company-wide operational exchange learning meetings and departmental exchange learning meetings.

8, holiday bonuses, occasional afternoon tea and dinners.

9、Annual domestic exhibition, Hong Kong exhibition, international participation opportunities.

10、The company has a perfect and professional training system, the entry is led by a person.


Looking forward to excellent you to join us!

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