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E-commerce Operations Manager

Minimum Education:


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Required Experience:


City of work:

Job responsibilities.

1, responsible for the overall operation and planning of the e-commerce platform business, to achieve performance targets.

2, responsible for the development and implementation of operational strategies, regular planning of promotional programs, tracking the promotion effect, pay attention to market dynamics, understand the platform and competitor market changes, timely and constructive proposals to improve sales.

3、Responsible for store data monitoring, data statistics and analysis, inventory stocking, resource discovery inside and outside the station, and actively explore new marketing models to continuously improve sales and brand reputation.

4, responsible for the management and promotion of internal business, stock preparation, shipping and other related processes, the integration of internal and external resources, and maintain good communication with the supply chain, e-commerce platforms and customers.


Job requirements.

1.Specialist degree or above in e-commerce, marketing, advertising and other related majors;

2.More than 5 years in B2C platform operation, more than 2 years of team management experience, with experience in marketing planning and operation is preferred;

3.Familiar with Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Jindo platform operation rules;

4, a strong sense of responsibility, motivation and career, communication and organizational coordination skills, good at communication and cooperation with the team.


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