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LAZADA Operations

Minimum Education:


Number of Positions:


Required Experience:


City of work:

1, responsible for the daily operation management and maintenance of LAZADA store.

2, the control and operation of the entire site such as the setting of promotional activities.

3, skilled use of various promotional tools, according to product sales and ranking changes, timely development or adjustment of product sales and promotion plans.

4、Improve product and store click-through rate, viewership, conversion rate and sales performance (including the adjustment of selling price, pricing, selling price profit audit).

5、Tracking the progress status of orders on the platform, responding to customers' emails in a timely manner, and properly handling inquiries, feedback and complaints from overseas customers.

6, account operation of other things.


Job requirements.

1、Bachelor degree or above, majoring in international trade, e-commerce, foreign trade, English is preferred.

2、English CET-4 or above, with strong English reading and writing skills.

3、Lazada sales experience is preferred.

4、Good communication and coordination skills.

5、Responsibility, strong independent learning ability.


Working hours: 9:00-18:00

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